Friday, February 14, 2014

When Kindergartners Are Smarter Than You/College

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So, today I went to my kids school to visit their class rooms. Judah is getting to the age where he gets embarrassed when mom shows him any sort of affection in front of his friends lol.

I didn't stay in Judah's room very long as for one he was preoccupied with his friends and then his class had to go to gym.

I went to Ora's room and had fun with her. She's still young enough that I can be a complete goofball and she is still proud that I'm her mommy.

Well, she was opening her Valentine's cards and could get one out. So I told her to let me help and as I'm tugging at it, a boy in her class came over and said "umm, it's supposed to stay in there." Lol I felt like a big dummy haha.

What's so funny about this is that I officially graduated from college today!
Yes, that's right, I am now a certified Dental Assistant!

Now, just to find a job!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me #13

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#13. What is the hardest part of growing up?

Hell if I know.
I didn't find childhood easy.
I don't find adult life easy either.
I really don't think I have the "knowledge" to answer this.
Essentially my childhood was stolen from me.

You my beautiful babies, you will have amazing lives and you will have to tell me.
Just stay young my loves!
Don't be in a rush to grow up.


Love At First Sight

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Do I believe in love at first sight?

That is a very interesting question. It's going to be difficult to answer.

I want to say yes and no.

What I believe is that love is a choice. Those wonderful butterflies you get in your tummy and the heart racing with excitement to see someone will fade, and when those are gone its a choice to be made.

So love at first sight?

No: if you are basing it off of feelings, looks or whatever else it might be it will never last. You can't base love off of these things.

Yes: you can choose from day one to love somebody. You also have to keep in mind that there is a lot of work in a relationship. It won't always be good. There will be hard times and things will be said and done that will need to be forgiven by either party.

Love who you want to love, just make sure you are aware that it is a CHOICE not a FEELING.