Thursday, June 4, 2015


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It's been a long time since I've posted. I really do need to try and keep up with this blog.

Since I posted last, lots of things have happened. The biggest being that I have had my youngest baby.  I will do an introduction post for him in a new post though.

I've never posted what had happened with Baby P's dad.

In August 2014 Baby P's dad assaulted me. He had been drinking and we had gone to bed. I decided to leave the bed to sleep on the couch.

I fell asleep and the next thing I knew he was waking me up by shaking my leg. I looked at him and he told me I needed to leave. I thought he was joking because, you know, normal couples do that sometimes when arguments or whatever happen. I looked at him and said "haha, soooo funny." He stared at me expressionless and said "no really, you need to leave." Once again, I still thought he was just messing with me and when I didn't move he got angry and said "NO, seriously.. You need to leave now! I never want to see you again."
I realized be was being serious and asked him why. He proceeded to tell me it was because it was disrespectful for me to leave the bed and that I was "nothing but a whore." He said that I wouldn't have left the bed if I wasn't cheating on him.

I stood up to leave and he grabbed my arms, shoved me back on the couch and ended up on top of me with his hand around my throat... choking me. I started throwing punches and he backed off right away. I screamed for help and he slammed his hand over my mouth, twisted my neck around, shoved my face into the couch and told me to "shut the f*!% up" because I was embarrassing him.

He finally backed off and more arguing commenced. I don't remember what all about but I finally got out and called the police. He was arrested that night.

Two days later I found out I was pregnant with Baby P.... I made the bad decision to go back to him two weeks later when he was bailed out of jail. I went back to tell him I was pregnant and I regret that decision every day.

Approximately 4 days later he and I were in the car when he started another argument.
To make a long story short, he was getting very angry and punching the dashboard and when he got in my face, started screaming as loud as he could and he tried to take my cell phone, I grabbed the mace I had to protect myself. The only way to get him away was to spray him. I called the cops and he was arrested again. He has been in jail and refusing to come to court since.

I've been going to the courthouses every month for my entire pregnancy. Next court date is July 13. They said they are bringing him to court by force/any means necessary.

His bail has been raised to $15000. Hopefully we can get this all straightened out and I can be done with him for good.

With all that being said, I am going to file for full custody. He ruined his chance at ever getting to be a father. I will not let an abusive alcoholic be around my child.

Eventually this will be settled and I won't have to worry about it. I am so ready for that. I look forward to that day.