Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ora Koryn

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Tomorrow my beautiful little lady will be <b>5 YEARS OLD!</b>
How is this even possible?

Ora Koryn,

My beautiful, sweet, loving, dramatic little 5 going on 16 year old girl, I love you to death. You are so smart. So nurturing. I love how you love to cuddle, even though you plop down on me an make it hurt. I guess love hurts sometimes ;). So have such beautiful blue eyes and you are going to be quite the heartbreak to all the boys when you grow up. Daddy is going to need himself a rifle to chase all those boys away.

You are so wonderful and I love how your little face lights up whenever you receive a gift.
I don't have a lot of money, so I can only get you little things, but you appreciate them. You get so happy and give big hugs and loves. Your love language is totally gifts. You love receiving gift even if they are just little.

You are my silly girl and I look forward to all the laughs we will have as you grow!

I love you little lady!
Love Mommy

Happy Birthday gorgeous!!!


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