Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One On One with Ariah

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On Sunday I got to have some one on one time with my littlest. He is growing so fast. We had fun just the two of us. We'd swing on the porch swing and I would just listen to his cute voice talking to me in choppy sentences.

We decided to go on a walk (or rather I did and I knew he wouldn't object.) I told my mom as we were leaving that we were going around the block. We had some good conversations he and I.

We got halfway down the first side of the block and we had this little conversation:

Ari- "Mom, uh, we walk two blocks?"
Me- "You want to go around two blocks?"
Ari- *pauses to think* "No." Then counts on his cute chubby fingers. "Uh, go on one, two, three, four blocks!" As he said four he put up all 5 fingers. Awww

Then we crossed the street to the second block and we started talking about colors.

I showed him some rocks, one red and one yellowish in color and told him the colors.

We then had this conversation.

Me- "Hey Ari, what color is the grass? Is it green?"
Ari- "No, mom, rellow!"
I couldn't argue with that one as it was yellow from the winter.
Me- "Well, yes it is kind of yellow, but in spring it will turn green."

We were talking about car colors when I mentioned that a car we were passing looked like his dad's car. He kept wanting to run back to it. I kept telling him it wasn't his dad's car. Lol

Me- "Ari, what color is the sky?"
Ari- "No, mom, too big!"
I am not entirely sure what he meant by that haha.

As we were ending the second block, my boy was getting tired.
He told me "two blocks, mom."
I chuckled at his cuteness!

He then plopped on the ground and said "sit, mom, sit down" and pointed to the sidewalk next to him. He wanted me to sit with him but I pointed to grandma and grandpa's home. I said "but grandma and grandpa's house is right there. He hopped up and ran the rest of the way back. He was so cute. My booger man!


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