Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me. #1

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List 20 Random Facts About Yourself

1. I am a Christian and love God with all that is in me. Therefore, I am loving and accepting of all people despite their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, etc. God loves everyone. And we ALL have fallen short. We all sin. We all make mistakes. He forgives us and love us no matter what. We need love others as much as He loves us.

2. I tend to be a bit of a germ freak. I have a little bit of OCD in that regard, but it isn't as bad as it used to be.  I love how you tease me about it, Judah: "Mommy, you're afraid of geeeerrrrrms!!! hahaha".

3. I am quite ADD with my music. I rarely listen to a song all the way through. I am constantly switching songs half to three quarters of the way through. This must be where you guys get it from. You guys can't watch a T.V. show all the way through :)

4. I can be crafty or artsy when I really want to be. Most of the time I just prefer to do other things.

5. I am obsessed with documentaries and real life crime dramas. I like a lot of the suspense in these shows! I enjoy trying to figure out "who done it" before they say who did it!

6. I am a walking contradiction! Distracted yet focused, social yet shy, germ freak yet messy, and so many more.

7. I love dancing around like a complete fool and sing loudly but there is a catch... I only do it around you, my kids and other family/friends I trust!

8. I love taking pictures and videos so that I will always have something to look back on. Aside from losing a loved one, my pictures and videos are what I am most scared to lose.
9. I have always loved unique names. I knew I never wanted any of my kids to be in school and have 3 other people with the same name in your class.

10. I am addicted to diet soda. I know it's not the best thing in the world but its not the worst either.

11. I love the smell of play-doh and crayons. I love to color or play with play-doh just so I can smell them.

12. I love animals. I love petting them and cuddling with them, I am just too much of a germ freak to clean litter boxes or clean up after them.

13. I am completely awful at math.

14. I am a terrible cook. I always burn food, cook pasta too long or just make everything taste nasty. lol

15. I am a pack-rat. If something has the slightest bit of sentimental value I can't throw it away. All drawings or letters I receive from you kids is either saved or I have taken pictures of them before tossing them.

16. I have a very hard time talking on the phone. I have never liked talking on the phone. I prefer email, texting and talking face to face.

17. Whenever I get any money I get excited about things I can buy for myself but when I get to a store I find all these things I would rather get for you kids. I much prefer getting you guys stuff. :)

18. I had always had a fear of growing apart from you guys as you grow up. I was so very wrong! I get closer to you guys as you get older and I can see your individual personalities! I am excited to have teenagers. I will always be your mom first, but I want to be your friend as well.

19. I hope I have made it easy for you guys to talk to me. I want you to know that no matter what, I will always love you. I want you to be able to trust me and to not be afraid of how I will react. I know what it feels like to not be able to tell a parent something because I didn't know how he would react. Please know I will love you no matter what!

20.  I am very forgiving. I have forgiven things that some people may disagree with. I have had people tell me I should not forgive in certain circumstances. I want you guys to know that you need to forgive others as well, not for the other person but for yourself. I learned that holding on to anger and hurt is not beneficial to me. Holding on hurts you more and give the other person control. Forgive my dear children!

This post took a LOT longer than i thought it would so I should be making two posts today. That is if #2 doesn't take as long!


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