Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans! (WITH PICTURES FINALLY!)

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Weekend Shenanigans! 

I hadn't seen my beautiful babies for a whole week while their dad was in D.C. 
When he came back from D.C. I asked him to bring my babies to me immediately so I could see them. When my babies walked in the front door I couldn't contain the happiness. I just hugged and kissed and smoooshed their cheekies. It seems so odd that after a week they seemed to have grown so much! Goodness gracious. 

Anyway, we had some La Fogata mexican food since I was craving it like no other. 
Then the kidlets got to stay the night with me. Judah helped me with some chores and stuff while Ari got in the way and Ora went off to play in the backyard. 

I love watching my babies sleep and I love when they cuddle up next to me to sleep. 
My sweeties are just perfect. 

Sunday morning we woke up early and went to play out front. Well Ari decided he wanted to go on a walk so we just followed him. The kid has SO much energy that I had to keep stopping him so that Judah and Ora could catch up. Ari was NOT pleased whenever I would hold his hand and tell him to wait. The boy has a temper and would scream and cry and sit down until I said he could go again. LOL

Judah and Ora had a blast collecting worms. Tons of worms. It had rained the night before so there were many of them in the gutters. Judah was on his cousins old scooter that has a basket on it and Judah was putting dirt in it with the worms. 

Ora would only grab the tiny worms, she is such a girl. She tried to grab a big one and it moved and she freaked out and pulled her hand away. She made me laugh.

Later, Jonathan called to say he was on the way to pick the kids up. I told him I wanted to keep them. He said that at least he wanted to bring them cinnamon rolls. I asked the kids if they wanted to go with daddy or stay with mommy. Judah wanted to stay with me and Ora wanted to go with daddy. Ari, well he can't choose and I had a couple things to do so I sent him with his dad. 

Judah has always been a mamas boy. He was the one who nursed the longest, co-slept and always wanted to cuddle with me. He loves his dad, but I think he has just had a different connection with me. 

Ora on the other hand is TOTALLY a daddies girl. She has her father wrapped around her little finger like no other. She loves me as well and loves to cuddle, but is definitely more attached to her dad. 

Ari is..... Ari. Neither mommy or daddies boy. He's very independent. HATES to be held or cuddled. High energy and never stops. He loves us, just isn't really attached to either one of us more than the other. 

 ^^So cool with a hat!^^

 ^^Love this candy!!!^^

 ^^Sleeping with his little booty in the air!^^

                                                    ^^Ora's cute little pudgy belly!^^

 ^^They sleep in the strangest positions!^^

 ^^Poor lady tipped the tiny bike and was sad :(^^

 ^^Lets keep going mom!^^

^^Look at our worms!!!^^


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